Who we are?

  • Designers and manufacturers of Novelty Stationery and Decorated Objects since 1984

  • The production facility of the Pylones Group – One of the world leading designed gift brands

  • An international company with international staff providing high service in 5 different languages

Who do we work for?

  • Pylones retail stores, worldwide.

  • Major retail chains and importers in Europe, Asia, UAE, North and South America 

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What do we do?

  • Design and manufacture almost every object you can use from the moment you wake up and through your office/school day

  • Create and develop Stationery and Household objects that have a colourful and fun twist to make them unique on the market

  • Manufacture in our fully owned factory good quality products that make people smile

Where to meet us?

  • At the main international Trade Shows in Hong Kong: Gift & Premium

  • Come visit our showroom in Hong Kong

  • Come visit our factory in Enping

  • Just give us a call / drop us a line by email

Which are our brands and licences?

  • Colormotion Household is our in-house brand of decorated objects. Always looking for smart product concepts, we develop all our items with the most innovating designs and features. This range includes beauty, accessories, kitchenware and all sorts of fantastic gifts and useful products
  • Colormotion Stationery is our in-house brand of novelty Stationery. This range includes almost everything you can find on a desk at home, school or in office: a wide range of fancy pens, staplers, staple removers, scissors, cutters, tape dispensers, clip holders, memo holders, measuring tapes and even kitchen timers. They all come in fancy, attractive and colourful shapes.

  • The Little Prince is our favourite license for all children and all grown-ups that where children first. Based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novella first published in 1943 and translated into over 300 languages we have been able to create some very poetic stationery products to keep your child eyes open all over your day!

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Can we make tailor made products?

  • Of course! We are strategically involved in OEM making thanks to our strong in-house graphic team backed up by experienced R&D engineers

  • From simple decoration adjustments to very technically challenging product developments, Willtech Gift’s spirit is to help our customers to develop their own collections and products to bring the most innovative products to their markets 

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Willtech Gift has obtained the following international accreditations: